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Warrior Brides Network

Warrior Brides Network is a versatile membership-based community.

We are focused on a 12-part curriculum which can be accessed via videos, community support, our signature assessment, workbooks, prayer support, prophetic activation, mentors, guest facilitators and other kinds of resources.

The Story
Of Warrior Brides Network

In 2013, when I started impacting and coaching singles in the areas of experiencing emotional wholeness, personal transformation and healthy relationships, I never wanted to delve into marriage counselling because of the complexities of the issues that I have heard about and those I had to deal with.

“Women who will end generational patterns, traumas and curses, which have plagued many generations before them.” Nike Folagbade

I just assumed marital issues required some level of deeper knowledge beyond what people see and prepare for.

Fast forward to 2019, the Lord started a deep work in my life which led to my transition into marriage counselling. He took me on a journey where He revealed to me the causes of dark and troubling issues happening in marriages today, which sometimes defy psychological intervention. It became a schooling process as He started to show me answers to questions I have always been bothered about in marriage. For this preparation to be experiential and easy to relate with, the Lord permitted me to experience some challenges in my marriage because it was going to be an opportunity to understand what people were facing and how to deal with it properly.

It was in this schooling process that I began to understand issues like:

  • Why do two people who previously loved each other suddenly desire to separate and hate the idea of reconciliation?
  • What makes a husband suddenly despise his wife and begin to feel irritation and hatred instead of tender love?
  • How can a man who chose to marry his beautiful wife begin to view her like a stranger or sibling, thereby leading to a sexless marriage?
  • Why do some husbands always say that their wives are responsible for their misfortune?
  • How do two lovers struggle to agree or understand each other during communication, even when third parties can get their points?
  • Why does marriage suddenly become a place of intimidation, oppression, abuse, broken identity, confusion, chaos, bitterness, adultery and pain?
  • Why are some in-laws so bent on interfering and destroying their children’s marriages?
  • Why do patterns repeat themselves in a generation? Patterns like Polygamy, adultery, marital delay, marital crisis, children born out of wedlock, difficulty with conception and divorce?
  • Why do some spouses get so angry to the point of destroying their marriage with few words and unjustifiable actions?

All of these questions became clearer in my journey.

Because I am a woman who can easily relate with other women, the Lord gave me the mandate to teach and empower women to learn how to host God’s presence in their homes and bring an end to the darkness in their marriages.

While this may sound like the usual praying wives trend we see, there is a difference to this operation. At Warriors Brides Network, we are raising:

Women who will become emotionally whole and not desperately attached to their husbands.

Women who will discover and walk in their purpose so as to live an impactful life beyond the walls of marriage.

Women who will engage with their spouses with wisdom, understanding and power, hence putting an end to the crisis in their homes without many words.

Women who will grow their intimacy walk with God, not for the sake of changing their husbands but for truly becoming the brides of Christ. Thereby empowering them to listen for instructions, take wise steps in their homes and patiently partner with God for the victory, transformation and deliverance they seek.

Women who will end generational patterns, traumas and curses, which have plagued many generations before them, thereby becoming the REPAIRERS OF THE BREACH.

This journey led to the emergence of WARRIOR BRIDES NETWORK.

Who is a Warrior Bride?

A warrior bride is a woman who honours the Lord Jesus Christ as her Bridegroom according to Isaiah 54:5 and supernaturally partners with Him to see His kingdom fulfilled on earth, in her life and marriage. A warrior bride is a person she progressively becomes which ultimately affects her home positively—without putting so much pressure on her spouse. She is a woman who is intentionally hosting the presence of God in her life.

She is a woman who is intentionally hosting the presence of God in her life

What is the Warrior Brides Network about?

Warrior Brides Network is a versatile membership-based community, a 12-week FAITH BASED curriculum designed to help women experience emotional wholeness, discover their life purposes, elevate their identities, learn the wisdom for transforming their marriages (because every marriage has a unique blueprint) and then effectively parent their children.

Helping women experience emotional wholeness and discover their life purpose.

Our Framework

We are focused on a 12-part curriculum which can be accessed via videos, community support, our signature assessment, workbooks, prayer support, prophetic activation, mentors, guest facilitators and other kinds of resources.

Notably, after the 12 weeks program, we have a community comprising all past members who continue to provide support, resources and accountability for one another.

The network caters for you if you have strived to no avail to make your marriage work. You have tried talking to your pastors, family members, friends, in-laws and counsellors, but have seen little or no changes.

Too many women have lost their voices, identities, vision and elegance due to difficult marriages. Some have committed suicide, while others have relegated themselves to a painful life of sickness. Nobody deserves to suffer because of a decision to cleave.

In Warrior Brides Network, women are guided into the different decisions they need to make. For some, it is a pathway to the transformation they want to experience in their marriage. While, for other women, it is the support and guidance they need to come out of the bondage they have found themselves —without losing their true selves. Even though some women know they need to exit an abusive marriage, they sometimes need a support system to make this possible due to a lack of emotional strength, guidance or finance. WBN is a total program that gives you a robust learning pathway to DISCOVER YOU, RECONNECT WITH GOD AND CREATE A TRANSFORMED MARRIAGE.

You should join WARRIOR BRIDES NETWORK if:

  • You want to learn how to experience LOVE again in your marriage because you currently feel unloved, neglected and unvalidated in your marriage and no matter what you do, he keeps shutting you away.
  • You want to know how to heal from the effects of emotional and verbal abuse in your home. You desire to heal from emotional trauma, betrayals from a cheating spouse, emotional neglect from your spouse and emotional stress from the marriage.
  • You struggle with regrets over your choice of partner. You wake up sensing that you have made the wrong choice and fear that frustration is all you may experience in the marriage.
  • You want to revive your relationship with God as it currently feels like you are struggling with your relationship with God. Your marital challenges have taken so much of your mind that you now struggle to pray, hear God or even engage in any spiritual activity. And even when you try to pray, it feels like there is a stronghold in your mind or a limitation to pray.
  • You have prayed so much for your marriage to work but nothing seems to be changing. The more you pray, the more you experience spiritual warfare, backlash and a frustrating spouse.
  • You feel overwhelmed by your marriage, life and parenting. It feels like you are the only one putting in all the effort and this can be truly draining. You are stressed by these.
  • Your communication is very poor and it is laced with the silent treatment, withdrawal and defensiveness. Every time you initiate conversations with your husband, it always leads to arguments because he will make you feel guilty for all the issues, never listens to you and never choose to change
  • You feel that your marriage is under a spiritual attack. You keep having spiritual encounters in your dreams like sex/food in the dream, strangers in your home and a disturbing presence in your midst.
  • Your marriage is at the edge of a breakup or separation. Every time you argue, your spouse always threatens to leave which makes you walk on eggshells around the house leaving you to wonder if you are loved.
  • You are seeking better ways to make your marriage work.  You desire to speak to someone who is certified in marriage counselling and also understands godly principles and wisdom.
  • You have a great marriage but there is no sense of direction to evolve. It feels like your marriage defines you; you are not achieving purpose outside of your marriage. You want a clearer identity that can empower you to rise and thrive in your marriage.


We have designed every part of Warrior Brides Network to guide and support you into the transformation journey you desire, thereby winning in your relationship with yourself, with God, with your husband, your in-laws, your children and your purpose — without losing anything.

WBN has the following features:

12 Weeks Core Curriculum


Supercharge Community

The most beautiful part of being in WBN is that every woman wants a safe place where she can share, find help and feel loved. Our community is focused on empowering one another to THRIVE. And this continues after the 12 weeks program when we add you to the WBN Family group for all alumnae.

Group Module and Book Reviews.

We do not leave you alone to watch the videos all by yourself. We also create time to share our lessons in the community which helps drive the points home. It enables you to catch up and relearn what you already had access to earlier.

Guest Mentors and Empowering Webinars

Each month, we will bring a facilitator who will share a topic that can empower you to THRIVE either as a wife, mother, in your finances or your marriage. This is always a session to look forward to. Some of our webinars are focused on the INTIMACY room, PURPOSE room and THERAPY room, where conversations that can trigger self-discovery, healing and spiritual revival can happen.

WBN Motivators.

Our WBN motivators are very intentional and supportive to each small group assigned to them. They guide you in the areas you need help as a wife and mother. They have been on the journey as members and they are holding your hands to give you the help you need. This is a priceless community that tackles your personality struggles and gives you a chance to find help in an enclosed way.

Our signature Assessment – The 7 kinds of Women Personality Assessment

This assessment helps to chunk down who you are at your core. The Bible shows us different kinds of women and how they struggled with their relationship with God, their relationships and their purpose journey. This assessment will show you where you belong and the small groups will be used to provide specific help to your needs.

Workbooks, Prayer Confessions and Additional Resources

Some of our video courses come with a unique workbook, prayer confessions and resources that can elaborate or empower you to understand more of what each content is about.

Prophetic Activations

This is an interesting part of WBN. Prophecies are an important part of every transformation that you will receive. If you have always felt confused about your current challenge, we have a session where you get to be prayed for personally. Thereby helping you know and hear God’s mind about your marital issues.  You will also be guided on how to steward God’s promises into manifestations. This is important if you will be transiting from a place of darkness and confusion into LIGHT and CLARITY.

Prayer Meetings and Vigils

We understand that as a warrior bride, your assignment is not only focused on learning but also on praying strategic prayers that can accelerate your victory.  We have sessions where we pray together and empower you to rise into all that God has for you.

Yearly Retreats and Hangouts

We love to have some fun so, at the end of the year, we always create time to bond and connect with ourselves. Every woman deserves a support system and friendship that lasts. Remember, DIVINE WISDOM plus DIVINE POWER equals SUPERNATURAL TRANSFORMATION in your life and marriage

Meet the 7 WBN Women Personality Assesment


Where does the program hold?

The online course is hosted on this website, hence you will be enrolled to access it and this is lifetime access. Our community is on WhatsApp, our webinars hold on Zoom and onboarding information is usually sent via email.

What happens if I live outside Nigeria?

The program is for every woman, whether single or married, who has access to the internet. It doesn’t matter where you are, you can be plugged in. We have members across over 10 countries in the world.

Is it a religious program?

This is a faith-based program for the Christian woman who wants to revive her walk with God and transform her home.

What makes this program different from the praying women in the church today?

There is a gap in the approach that women have had towards praying for their husbands. They focus so much on praying without applying wisdom, finding themselves or experiencing wholeness. Prayer would not work without the right posture, this program addresses those gaps and shows you a more balanced strategy.

Why is it not for men too?

I am a woman and can easily be vulnerable with my fellow women. I have another program that is focused on couples called YOUNG COUPLES CLUB, you can find more details on it here. The program was designed for men and women but WBN is especially for women to enable us to connect well with one another. who can connect well with each other.

Do you offer refunds?

No, we don’t offer refunds. We have a no refund policy. Our content is completely online, so there are no refunds once you enrol.

How long do I have access to the Courses, and Community at WBN?

Your access to the core curriculum and community is for a lifetime.

What is the difference between the plans?

We understand that women are in different places at the moment. The difference between the plans includes a self-paced learning mode, group coaching with Coach Nike and private coaching with her. Kindly look through the boxes for their differences.

Pricing Plans


Interview the couple
Preparation of budget
Design the event
Florist services


Interview the couple
Preparation of budget
Design the event
Florist services


Interview the couple
Preparation of budget
Design the event
Florist services


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