The great fire blazing in the family space is about to erupt, but most members are still going about their usual activities without a care. It's similar to the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, where people continued their daily routines despite the looming disaster.

Unfortunately, for many years, the enemy has infiltrated countless homes and families with legal access. They create strongholds that tear them apart, causing individuals to prioritise their interests, time, money, and selfish ambitions over their marriages and families.

Parents who have not fully healed from the traumas they experienced in childhood or throughout their lives are unwittingly passing on their emotional instability to the next generation. This trend has damaged most spheres of our society, with the institution of marriage being no exception.

Unhealthy cultural and traditional scripts are contributing to the breakdown of marriages today, which is depriving children of positive role models and proper conditioning. As a result, they are unable to learn the values and behaviours necessary to form wholesome relationships in the future.

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Esther. B

Before I joined the WBN, my life was in a state of confusion, pain, trauma and loosing my mind. As a result of heart break and lack of communication and the toxic marriage experience I was having. Before going further I want to thank Minister Nike, for obeying God by answering his call to save Marriages. The course on identity to start with changed a lot of things in my life as a person, I understood how God sees me which matters above any other person's thought towards me. I learnt how to host God presence in my home, to be sensitive to everything that happens around me. My prayer life has been restored again. I have been able to rediscover my purpose again I have gained skills in being a better parent. My communication with my husband is back and even more better than it used to be, am beginning to understanding God guidance in my life and family. God turned my pain to gain through this Ministry! Thank you and God bless you, I'm already beginning to help other women/ ladies now better than before, with more wisdom that before

Bam Ola

If I didn't come across this program, I would have use my foolishness and hands to destroy my marriage and continued the negative pattern in my family. When I joined the program, my marriage was going through crisis and I had made up my mind that I was definitely going to part ways with my husband, (this was a marriage of 6 months). I had received advice from close relatives to gather a bit of money and stability and then leave the marriage. I was dealing with unforgiveness and resentment towards my husband and he too probably felt the same way. All I saw in him was bad and negative side. This program created a mindset shift. I got to understand, know and feel The Father's love. I understood my identity and that I cannot derive 100% happiness from my husband, he cannot always make me happy. I understood and witnessed the power of prayer. I now feel respected by my husband. I don't know how this happens too but I no longer keep records of his offences. This moment, I would feel offended by what he said or did and the next moment I'm talking to him and no longer remember what he has done. This is me that can keep grudge over little things and can give silent treatment. The mindset shift was just mind blowing. I used to live one carefree life, had no belief for deep spiritual things. During this program, my eyes was opened. My sister there are truly foundational problems and the spiritual determines and surely affects the physical. Battles are won in prayers and in the mind.

It's no surprise that marriages today are rife with emotional neglect, physical and emotional abuse, financial irresponsibility, lack of affection, obsessive controlling tendencies, communication breakdown, and numerous other problems.

What's more, people are inundated with various forms of advice aimed at helping them find happiness and fulfilment in their lives and marriages. However, the enemy is working tirelessly to keep them in the dark, leading to a sense of overwhelm and confusion for many seeking guidance.

As predicted in 2 Tim 4:3-4, people in their helplessness are increasingly more at ease with unscriptural and faulty doctrines, pushed by false counsellors, fake prophets, family members, and friends who require redemption themselves. 

Guess what? Hope is not lost! God is merciful, even in the darkest of times, He offers forgiveness, compassion, and grace to those who seek it.

God is ready to bring comfort, healing, and renewed hope to those who may be struggling or feeling lost. Are you feeling discouraged or in need of hope in your life and marriage?

Here are testimonials from those who have been a partaker of the online version of Warrior Brides Network

Over the years I've learned so much from you but being a part WBN has really opened my eyes to so many things. From knowing and understanding my identity in God, which has helped me navigate so many hurdles in my marriage, I've learned how to listen to God even in the littlest of things. Your lessons have taught me to be alert for any battle, I've learned to honor God through my husband even when he's being really annoying, my eyes remain on God. you've taught me to cover my home with prayers and Godly confessions. So many lessons I could share about your classes on WBN but I can shorten it to saying, you've made my two year plus marriage an easier journey through your sessions


Joining  the WBN was a great decision I took in the first quarter of this year despite my over 25 years of ministry work. Nike Folagbade  is real and dynamic with her messages and teachings and the practicality from scriptures is what stands out for me making me realize that it is not the circumstances we go through in life that  really matters but who we  become in the process and whose we are. WBN  superseded my expectations and honestly  beyond becoming successful in marriage , it has helped me to be a better person and to create a  more intimate  relationship with God in unimaginable realms. I also gained more clarity on the need  to put God at the center of it all hosting his presence with every second that passes. This network is a must for anyone who wants to a be a warrior, worshipper and a true bride of Christ

Dr. Atkins

A revival has begun, and a movement is underway to redeem, rebuild, and restore marriages. God is poised to shake nations, fulfil his desires for families, and fill our hearts with his glory (Haggai 2:6-9).

We must no longer simply resign ourselves to fate; it's time to take action to restore the well-being of the family institution. This is an opportune moment to begin nurturing whole and healthy individuals who are mentally, spiritually, and emotionally stable.

This is the surefire remedy our generation needs to foster better marriages and raise happier children—leading to a better society in the long run.

Given the darkness that plagues our generation today, it is more important than ever to invite God's presence into our homes. As Deuteronomy 11:19-20 expresses, it brings joy to God when parents lead by example and walk in His light, teaching their children His laws and ways at all times, whether sitting, walking, lying down, or rising within the home.

This is the only way to reinforce God's Kingdom agenda on earth.

Join the Warrior Brides Network's Tour as we fulfil the Great Commission described in Mark 16:15. Our mission is to spread the message of hope, restoration, deliverance, and revival to families around the world.

As part of this initiative, we will be travelling to cities and nations across the globe to revive families and help them reconnect with God. This program is open to everyone, including men, women, and singles who want to learn how to host God's presence.

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Don't be left out in this wind of revival as we travel to locations such as Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja, Port Harcourt, the United Kingdom, and other nations that the Spirit leads us to. Together, let's bring back the power of God's love amongst us.

When you attend the event in any of the designated cities, you will experience emotional wholeness, discover your life's purpose, elevate your identity, learn the wisdom for transforming your marriage (because every marriage has a unique blueprint), and then effectively parent your children.

VENUE: 102 Woji Road, Mgbaelu Plaza by YKC Junction, Woji PortHarcourt

DATE: JUNE 17TH, 2023






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More Testimonials

Prior to being privileged to join the Warrior Brides Network, I had a lot of issues in my marriage especially regarding intimacy, anger management and purpose discovery. But in the space of 3 months coaching, my eyes have been opened to the dynamics of making my marriage work by Hosting God's Presence. I now have a better knowledge of God, His love and how to war rightly. I have discovered that nagging, shouting, complaining, whining can NEVER solve any issue. I now know who I really am (my identity) and how God sees me. Just like Mary, I have learnt to lay all at His feet in exchange for His Peace and Rest which I enjoy now more than ever before.  All the modules in the course are power packed,  the WhatsApp group provided a support system that helped me see that I am not alone. Thank you Coach Nike for yielding to God


I’ve learnt loads from the Warrior Bride Network (WBN). Whilst I’ve always known there is a place of God in our marriage, you broke it down personally for me and opened my eyes to the understanding that my husband is not and has never been the problem. I understood that the unsatisfactory actions I was seeing was the devil trying to manifest in my home using myself or my husband every time he got the opportunity.  I still have to unlearn many bad habits but I have learnt to host God’s presence in my home as a priority and speak God’s word consistently over my family and marriage. The program itself was well designed and I loved the weekly videos, confessions and books. WBN exposed me to knowing that it’s okay to ask for help when you need it. The time and patience you invested in us, the zoom meetings, reviews and  chats are very commendable and I can say with my full chest you are indeed a coach. Thank you for answering God’s call. My marriage is sure a testimony that God sent you because I have learned from you without having the general bias of “na dem” when listening to relationship coaches


Revival is coming to your home!

Don't keep this exciting news of redemption to yourself; share it with your friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, and anyone else who may benefit from this opportunity